Bitterroot CASA trains and supports volunteers who strive to ensure the emotional, physical and educational well-being of children who have experienced abuse and neglect. We advocate to establish safe, permanent, nurturing homes, giving children the opportunity to thrive.


No special background or education is required to become a CASA Volunteer. People from all backgrounds and professions join our volunteer program. All CASA Volunteers receive the ongoing support of staff and peer advocates who ensure that they have all the tools and information needed to successfully advocate for the child.

            CASA volunteers have two primary goals: 

            Ensure that a child’s needs are being met while in foster care and to advocate for permanency on behalf of a child. 

                          Provide information to the presiding Judge on the case about a child’s wishes and well-being. 


CASA volunteers form special bonds with their children and create a relationship of consistency, trust, and communication. 



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